Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'll post some pictures when I get back

I got the other package in the mail the other day:  a set of 12 decals that stick to the wall over my altar, of the Olympic gods.  Very basic and not easily identifiable in all cases but it's exactly what I needed... and wanted.  I'll get a picture when I get back from the heart catheterization tomorrow.  Or the day after that depending on what the results are.  I like the simplicity of them as well although my walls need paint badly.

I've been doing a good amount of reading.  I have The Greek and Roman Myths by Philip Matyszak that I really like because it goes into more detail about the nature of the myths.  Plus while I'm fairly sure he's not a pagan, he doesn't dismiss the myths as foolish the way some of the older books do.  Like Edith Hamilton's books, which I grew up on and loved dearly.  In fact it was her books that gave me my first love for the Greek gods.  But reading them now, she's obviously smug about the way the ancient Greeks used to believe.  And some of the other books on mythology are even worse.  One book states that no one worships the Greek gods anymore because there is a better choice.  As if!

I'm preparing for my procedure tomorrow and in case I have to stay overnight, I'm taking my battery operated tea candles and my Hesiod and Homer so I can have a bit of private, subtle ritual if I have to be away from my altar.  I don't "need" any accoutrements but it's nice to have them anyway.  I have my Star of Olympus but that will have to stay in my purse during the procedure so I think I'll just put it there tomorrow morning before I leave.  Otherwise I'll forget and since Tom will have my purse I might not have any place to put it.

I also have my Kindle.  I downloaded some books from the library to read while I'm waiting in recovery...4-6 hours of that.  And a book would be too heavy to hold over my head, flat on my back, so I got some books to read.  I have Orpheus' Hymns on there for ritual, too.  Plus a bunch of other books on ancient Greece and the gods.  I'm thinking of not taking my knitting along since it would be for one night anyway, unless they find a blockage and I would have to have a bypass which no one is thinking of as a possibility anyway so it's just for one night.  The more I take, the greater the chance I'll lose something.  Better to leave them home.

The city is cutting down trees today (and yesterday) along the street.  Initially I was a bit put off about it because they were big, old and very nice trees, but the insides are rotten, which I could see once they cut it down.  Better to cut them down and replant something healthy.  If they do replant something.  Not sure if that will happen.

I have a lot of organizing to do today so I'm off to get it done.  I should mention, since not everyone reads both blogs that I seem to have had a heart attack some time in the past as there is a scar on my heart, which may or may not be contributing to the congestive heart failure.  As odd as it sounds, it's better if I have some blockage or narrowing of the arteries so they can remedy the situation.  If not, then the heart attack has caused the CHF and there is nothing more anyone can do.  And it's obvious that I have to get busy and be more stringent with my health routines so that I can have many more years ahead of me.  I had no symptoms at all of a heart chest pain, squeezing, tingling in the arms...nothing.  He called it a silent heart attack and apparently it's something that many women have happen to them.  We just don't get the symptoms the guys do.

Anyway...I'm off to do laundry with the help of Zach and get my overnight bag packed and do some general resting for the remainder of the day.

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