Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting things in the mail is like getting presents all year long

I got my medallion in the mail today.  It's the Star of Olympus and I love it.  Initially I felt I had to distinguish myself through my jewelry where people could look at it and see just what I believed.  Now, not so much.  I only care if I know what it means.  It really expresses who I am without being obnoxious about it.  I love the description of it, too:

The Star of Olympus is an artistic interpretation of the original Star of Vergina, also known as the Vergina Sun or Argead Star. This powerful symbol was engraved on the Shield of the Greek Warrior, Achilles. At the center is the Delphian Epsilon, which represents the Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end, timelessness, infinity. Surrounding the Delphian Epsilon are four points symbolizing the Four elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The twelve rays surrounding the elements represent the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus.

 I was looking for statues as well because I find it helps my focus when I have a representation of the gods to look at but the statues were way out of reach.  Instead I found some decals of the gods.  This is perfect because I don't have a lot of room on my altar and ugly wall space above it that I cover with some pagan cards in frames.  It would be better if the wall were painted but that is something that will happen much later.  No energy to do any painting right now.

I got the house fairly cleaned up yesterday and it makes a huge difference with regard to the feeling in the place.  It feels lighter and less oppressive.  I look forward to ritual tonight, although my bedroom is still in a mess because I stuffed so much stuff in here to hide before company came today.  I think I finally got rid of the biggest part of the baggage I had been carrying around with me that interfered with my capacity to commit to a path, without fear I would change my mind a million times.  I don't have the same hang ups about the Greeks that I had before and I certainly don't view this path as an all-or-nothing venture.  I walk it however I feel comfortable.

Zach is still struggling with his path.  He, too, is divesting himself of the baggage I imposed on him as a fundamentalist Christian mother.  I'm his sounding board now, offering little more than encouragement and a few links in things he's interested in.  I told him it's not a race to the finish line but I completely understand his need to start walking the path that fulfills him.  He knows that Druidry is a part of it but he has realized how important deity is to him, and finding the gods that complete him is a struggle right now.

Well, my baked potatoes are nearly done and I'm hungry.  Plus I'm eager to get back to knitting up my stash.  I have a new grand-nephew going to join us sometime soon so I'm going to give him one of the blankets I knitted up out of my stash and I have enough yarn left over to knit up a sweater and hat for him as well.  I'm working on a blanket right now that is supposed to be afghan sized but the amount of yarn required seems very small so I wonder if it's a misprint.  If it is, I'm going to have to knit it in multiple colors...which I do happen to have, thankfully.  I'm thinking of donating this stuff to the women's shelter.  A good friend suggested that and it's an absolutely wonderful idea!


  1. That looks familiar! I have a Star of Ur pendant. I like the star for its associations with Ishtar, for the 4 and 4 cycles of solar and fire festivals, for the similarity with the compass rose, for a lot of reasons. It's a powerful symbol with layers and layers of meaning.

    1. I did a google on the Star of Ur but couldn't come up with a visual on it. I'd love to see it. I love the hidden depths of this Star of Olympus and the fact that it's not obvious to anyone else what it means. I guess I've matured as a Pagan now that I don't have to let everyone know what I am. :)