Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good bye but not farewell

I've decided to stop posting to both my blogs.  The nature of the blogs no longer represent me so I'm going to start up one that covers my life and my spirituality in a more journal-like way.  I hope to have more pictures and post more often.  I haven't decided on a name or even if I will stay with blogspot so I'll have to provide that information later.

I loved doing this but the last year...not so much.  Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me.  Hope to see you in the new blog but if not, have a really wonderful life.  Hugs!


  1. I understand putting down the "blog pencil". I've done it about half a dozen times or so : ) Please let me know if you open a new one.

  2. Hey, girl! I'm still checking in now and then still pondering what to do. I do want to write again but trying to decide whether to or not is still an ongoing internal discussion.