Sunday, February 23, 2014

This, that, and the other

I'm feeling a bit rambly today...thoughts running though my head.  I'm not focused on a particular subject but my mind is full of all kinds of thoughts and word seeds. Might as well plant them here.

I don't capitalize the word god or the word pagan (most of the time).  I spent a half century capitalizing the christian god's name...which was just god...and capitalizing all pronouns and such because of christian privilege.  I just won't do it anymore.  I've seen it popping up more and more lately on pagan blogs, where the pronouns are being capitalized.  While I'm not one to insist people do things my way, I also reserve the right to be creeped out by it.  It seems a bit along the lines of christian wannabe shit.  I'm sure the people doing it aren't thinking along those lines but are merely honoring their deities the way they believe they should, but I'm still healing from the shit I had to deal with for over 50 years.  I'm going to feel that way.

I've got nearly all the deities up on the wall above my altar now.  Just pictures off the internet in cheap plastic frames, but I like it.  I like how it focuses my mind when I pray.  While statues would be icing on the cake, they're expensive and too big for my altar.  I had a few when I was on the Norse path but again...expensive and didn't leave me any room for anything else on my altar.  Now that I am honoring many more gods, this works better for me.  I have some decals of the gods but I like the pictures better.  Maybe Tuesday I'll take some pictures.  Tomorrow I have errands to run and bills to pay and tons of other stuff that needs doing.

I don't really have one particular god who is all-important to me, any moreso than the others, that is. I do love some more than others, but I haven't felt a pull in any one direction.  I love too many of them to single out just one or two.  I think part of my problem in finding my direction has been seeing what others do and thinking that's what I needed to do, too.  Maybe someday I'll have that intimate relationship with one or two gods, but honestly, I haven't felt that way since leaving christianity.  No reason why I should have to.

I'm looking forward to spring when I can get out and work in my yard, when I can get to the car without slipping and sliding or wading through knee-deep snow.  I used to love winter but this year has been particularly hard on me.  Not sure why although the sub-zero temps were definitely a factor.  That and the higher-than-normal heating bills.  But oddly I feel more nature-oriented on the Greek path than I did on the Norse path.  Initially I did have a problem finding nature while worshiping the Greeks but I feel a connection with Pan and the nature spirits now that I didn't feel last time around.  Or maybe it's just my longing for shirt-sleeve weather.

Zach's path has diverted as well.  He has also gone back to his first love:  eclectic witchcraft (non-Wiccan).  Odd how we often end up back where we started.  Even though many who worship the Greek gods believe that magic is hubris to the gods, I'm not one of them.  So I do intend to continue my work and study of magic.  Which puts Zach and me again on similar paths, studying together just like we used to.

I'm getting more and more excited about walking this path.  Or maybe that's just the promise of spring as well.  Who knows?  At any rate, the Greeks do inspire me more than any other deities I've honored.  I feel more creative, more aware of myself and my environment and more familiar with the deities I worship.

I hope this works out.  I do get tired of finding a path only to lose sight of the road ahead of me.

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