Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Practice of Being Pagan

I do mean to write more often but I'm not online as much anymore.  Except for today.  I think I have one day a week like this.

I'm still doing well on my path, probably because I'm focusing so much more on what I do instead of why I do it.  I'm not studying about the gods much or learning magic so much as I am just trying to do better each day.  Being greener, more responsible with the finances and putting crafts above the internet.  I feel more connected to the gods now by just living this path instead of studying it.  I do read once in a while, and I still have ritual every morning and evening, but I'm much busier being a Pagan by actually practicing it.  This really feels right.

I definitely feel a strong connection with Cernnunos and am so glad I got that statue.  I hope to get a statue for one of the goddesses around December.  It really helps me focus during prayer and ritual.  And I like to look over at the statue at night while knitting or reading.  And Brighid has become a part of my spiritual life as well.  I had so many problems with the Christianizing of her that I couldn't see her as pagan anymore but now, as I focus more on housework, crafting and things of that nature, she has become pretty important to me.  Cerridwen and Danu, as well.  The Dagda, Manannan mac Lir and Lugh have become part of my life, too.

I'm not reading the myths for now.  But I am learning that the myths aren't necessarily bad even though I feel like I have to sift out all the Christian interference.  Maybe later I'll read them, but for now, I'm just content with the magic and the practice of being pagan.  It works for me.