Friday, August 9, 2013


Zach and I have been doing some studying together and I think it works out a lot better.  I like bouncing ideas off of him and responding to his ideas as well.  We're walking similar paths these days but during those times when we aren't, I think it will be just as interesting to study this way.  It's good.

I still haven't been focusing a lot on the gods as much as I am on Nature and magic.  Still, I do honor them nightly, although I have added the land spirits and the fae into my devotions as well.  It seems very right to do that.  I have a fondness for Cernunnos, although there is little written about him...which may actually be a good thing since I'm still not enthralled with the myths.  Lately I've been noticing Brigit.  I initially had a fondness for her but her "elevation" to sainthood turned me cold and I've pretty much shunned her ever since.  Thanks to the myths (yes those myths I don't love) I've seen another side of her, one that predates the Christian makeover.  She seems indomitable to me, overcoming the attempted eradication of her deity and remaining a favorite in spite of the church's efforts to turn her into something palatable for the "blessed."  I am learning to love her as the goddess she really is, not the "saint" she has been dressed up as.

My focus, though, is primarily on my health because it has to be for now.  I do look forward to some walks through the marsh or the mounds very soon.  I'm cleared for general housework now and can take longer walks as long as I'm not walking on hills and since we live near the top of a hill, everything around me is on a hill.  I need to see wildlife more than I need to see people's yards and houses though.

Today is a fatigue day, unfortunately so I think most of it will be spent in bed, napping and knitting.  It's what I do best these days.  Although my exercise levels are getting better every day and my eating plan has become a way of life.  Still struggling to find or make recipes that are fitting to my limitations but I'm feeling much better on a low-salt, low-fat vegetarian diet.

And now for a nap


  1. A great recipe site is

    Glad to hear you are getting into a healthy "way of life".

    1. Thanks! I forgot about that site. I had a mini-meltdown but didn't go overboard and didn't binge. Still, I ate stuff that wasn't terribly healthy for me. Back on track though.