Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting back to normal...ish

Whenever I request books at the library they always seem to come in at once, even if I request them weeks apart.  So I now have a large selection of books to read, some of them Druid, most of them fiction of various sorts.  I'm reading again and it feels so good to use my brain that way.  And that I can read the Druid books is even better.  I've got The Book of Druidry by Ross Nichols.  I've only been reading the forward by Phillip Carr-Gomm so far but that alone is fascinating.  I've also got a book on Celtic mythology and another one about the gods waiting for me at the library.  I had to go there 3 days in a row to pick stuff up so I just refused to do it today.  I'm cleaning house today because the dust levels are knee deep.  Okay I exaggerate.  Only ankle deep.

I had to stop though as I started panting a bit.  I'll finish up the dining room tomorrow.  Already I've accomplished a lot, using Zach's manly muscles for the lifting and moving of furniture.  I've just been organizing and throwing stuff away.  Still, it involved movement and apparently I'm not ready for a lot of that yet.  He'll be doing the vacuuming after supper.  I don't think I'm up for that yet either.

We decided not to do the vegetable garden this year because I haven't started any seedlings yet.  We're going to focus on tidying up the yard and planting flowers and bushes and such.  I'd like to attract some bees this year for next year's garden.  Plus I think we need the aesthetics this year to make ourselves feel more connected to the Nature that lives in our yard.  I plan to spend a lot of time outside this summer and I hope some of it can be enjoyed in our yard.  The mosquitoes will decide how much, though.  They get very bad here.  Swarms of them, bad.

I'm not making a lot of plans for the summer since I don't know what is going to happen to me yet but I do hope to make it to Circle Sanctuary over Memorial Day weekend.  Tom is taking some vacation days so we don't have to travel on the weekend portion when everyone else is out there.  We might also look at some paranormal sights within driving distance, too.  I'd like to do some investigating on a very low level.  One of the other books I got from the library is about the paranormal sights in the next county over from us.  Well within driving distance.

I also need to get busy writing and working on my crafts since it looks like we'll be going ahead with our business.  It's mostly catering to the Pagan crowd but there will be things of a generic type.  I haven't organized any kind of a future inventory yet but I hope to get around to that once I've got the house in better shape.  It's been months since I was able to clean and while the guys kept the dishes done and the bathroom within health standards, nothing else got done so there is a ton of dusting and vacuuming to do.  Not that I'm doing all that, mind you.  But I am directing it.

I think tonight will be a lot more reading than knitting since I'm in the mood.  But now I need to start supper for the guys and for me.  Mine is pretty simple and theirs is just a one pot meal so it's not so difficult.  I can read in between cooking.


  1. Such spirit! Looking forward to hering more about the pagan business x

    1. Awww...thanks. I don't feel too spirited today though. But I do plan on some planning today and maybe some drawing or other crafts. It will be a long while before the business gets going because so much is up in the air and we have to accumulate an inventory but I will keep you updated on it. :)